Page 11 - 中華民國109年版 全民健康保險會年報
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to review related topics on November 27. Considering the nature of social insurance, the impacts
               of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the need to strengthen investments in health care system, the

               Committee members agreed that the premium rate should be increased in 2021. After heated discussions,

               the Committee concluded with two adjustment plans of "4.97%" and "5.47%~5.52%", which were
               subsequently submitted to the Executive Yuan for approval by the MOHW. The Executive Yuan then

               approved that the standard premium rate to be adjusted to 5.17% starting from January 1, 2021. The
               supplementary premium rate was adjusted to 2.11% in accordance with the law.

                   The Committee members of the NHIC also paid close attention to the use of the total budget for

               the fiscal year 2020. With the support of the Committee members, the NHIA was able to continuously
               introduce new diagnosis and treatment items, medicines and special medical materials in 2020, and

               included ten expensive Chinese medicines, reducing the financial burden for patients. In addition,   9

               the Committee members continued to be concerned about treatment strategies for expensive new
               immuno-oncology drugs and new hepatitis C full oral drugs, and put forward suggestions for reviewing

               payment criteria, so that covered items can better meet the medical needs of the people. In addition, the

               Committee members also called on the NHIA to implement the relevant measures to promote the NHI’s
               referral system and to improve the quality of dental infection control, so that the public can receive better

               medical care under the umbrella of universal health insurance.
                   Based on the standpoint of the supervision of the NHI program, the NHIC completed the NHI

               Annual Monitor Report for fiscal year 2019. According to the performance metrics, the NHIC requested

               the NHIA to improve the equitable allocation of medical resources and improvement strategies to protect
               the health rights of the insured. In the future, the NHIC will continue to advance toward the goal of

               expanding public participation and enhancing the efficiency of resource allocations. It is hoped that by
               continuously improving the operation of various undertakings, the NHIC will become a key pillar for the

               sustainable operation of the NHI program.
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