Page 10 - 中華民國109年版 全民健康保險會年報
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                      As one of the nation’s most critical social safety nets, the National Health Insurance (NHI) program
                  has protected the health and wellbeing of Taiwan citizens for over 25 years. In 2020, the NHI was

                  created considerable challenges for healthcare systems. Despite the formidable challenges ahead, the

                  positions and opinions, the Committee members strove to form a consensus on key undertakings, such

                  as negotiated the 2021global budget, reviewed premium rate, etc. They also actively reviewed NHI

                  operations to ensure sustainable practices are in place, so as to ensure a bright outlook for both the NHI
                  and citizens of Taiwan.

      8               The foremost task of the NHIC in 2020 was to set the annual budget cap and its allocation for

                  2021. While discussed budgetary matters, the Committee members always took medical needs of the
                  insured as well as long-term financial stability of NHI into consideration. After preparations and an

                  11-hour negotiation meeting on September 24, the budget caps for the sectors of dental care, Chinese

                  Medicine and other budgets were set. As for the sectors of hospitals and clinics, due to disputes on some
                  items, consensus was not reached among stakeholders. Therefore, both sides submitted their respective

                  proposals to the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) for final decision. After consideration, the
                  MOHW set the total growth rate of medical expenses in the year 2021 at 4.107%, with the overall global

                  budget reaching NT$783.554 billion. The increases to the 2021 global budget are used to introduce new

                  medical technology, to strengthen the referral system, and to protect the healthcare resources of rural and
                  disadvantaged groups, thus improving the overall quality and delivery of medical services. In addition, the

                  NHIC also completed the regional budget allocation of each of the six regional divisions on schedule, and

                  to reinforce health services delivery for rural and disadvantaged groups.

                      In accordance with the total negotiated budget for medical expenditures stipulated in the
                  aforementioned agreement, the NHIC reviewed the 2021 fiscal year premium rate proposed by the

                  National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) on November 20. In light of the strong correlation

                  stability, the Committee needed more financial analysis. Therefore, an ad hoc meeting was convened
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